What Are The Signs Someone Needs Senior Home Care?

Posted on: 21 March 2023


When someone requires senior home care, it's important to address the issue as quickly as possible. How can you tell if someone needs elderly home care, though? Monitor these possible signs that they may require professional assistance.

Declining Hygiene

If someone is struggling physically or mentally, one of the first areas to suffer may be their hygiene. You might see that their hair isn't brushed, for example. This may happen because they have range-of-motion issues in their shoulder or pain in their hands. It could also occur because they're forgetting to brush their hair. If you see a marked decline in an elder's hygiene, you should consider elderly home care for them.

You should also monitor other basic tasks. Are they regularly brushing their teeth? Do they take at least a couple of baths each week? If not, a care professional could help them maintain a hygiene schedule.


Aging individuals often have strength and balance issues. Consequently, they're more prone to falls. For most folks, this issue will only worsen as they age, although there are some physical therapy options that could help. However, even if they get physical therapy, it's wise to also have them work with a senior home care professional.


Particularly if someone has cognitive issues, they may start to wander. The best-case scenario is they struggle to find locations in their home. However, they also could wander outside. There is a potential risk that they'll go missing or get hurt.

Insufficient Mobility

At the opposite end of the scale, some folks struggle to get up and move about at all. Particularly if someone isn't around all the time, family members and friends might not notice the issue until the individual develops sores. These develop sitting in one spot for too long without moving. You should be especially worried if the person has a chronic condition like asthma or diabetes. Sores are strong evidence that someone needs elderly home care.

Wearing the Same Clothes

Repeatedly wearing the same clothes for several days may also be a sign that a person needs elderly home care. This can happen because they're struggling with parts of the task of dressing, such as undoing buttons or getting clothes off and on. Out of frustration or even convenience, a person may elect to do the task less often. Once more, a mental decline could also leave someone unaware that they've worn the same clothes for several days in a row.

For more information on senior home care, contact a professional near you.