• Home Is Where The Healing Is: Psychiatric Home Health

    Home health care is widely recognized as being the provision of medical services to someone who is terminally ill or recovering from a major injury. Not meeting the criteria for inpatient hospitalization, the patient receives visits at home by medical professionals such as nurses, lab technicians, and occupational therapists (just to name a few). These services can mean all the difference to someone who needs care and assistance during a physically challenging time.
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  • Hiring A Home Health Aide - Reducing Dementia Stress And Irritation

    If you have taken on the responsibility of caretaker for an aging parent with dementia or Alzheimer's disease, then you may find yourself stressed and tired at the end of the day. As a caretaker, you must remain strong both emotionally and physically to provide the care that is needed. This may mean that you need to ask for assistance to ensure your own well being. Home health care aides can provide the help.
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