Is It Time To Hire Home Care Services For Your Aging Loved One?

Posted on: 29 July 2022


If you're living with an aging loved one who can no longer take care of him or herself, you may consider hiring home care services to help them around the house and keep them safe. Your loved one will most likely prefer to stay in their own home with these services rather than moving completely into an assisted living facility or out of their home. If this describes your situation, here are some signs it may be time to hire home care services for your aging loved one.

1. There Is Noticeable Mobility Loss

If your loved one is experiencing noticeable mobility loss, it may be time to consider home healthcare services. Home care can help your loved one with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and eating. A home healthcare professional can also provide mobility help when your loved one wants to move out of home, for example, a visit to the park or grocery store.

2. There Are Increasing Unexplained Injuries

Unexplained bruises, cuts, or welts could be a sign that your loved one is getting in harm's way unknowingly. If you notice any of these signs, it's time to talk with your loved one about hiring home healthcare services.

3. There Is Noticeable Difficulty in Doing Common Chores

Is your loved one having difficulties doing simple chores that they did with ease before? For example, they can't cook a simple meal or do their laundry without assistance. These are telltale signs of cognitive impairment, which also put your relative in danger. If you are noticing signs of cognitive impairment, it may be time to consider home healthcare services for them.

4. There Is Noticeable Memory Loss

As your loved one ages, you may notice small changes in their memory. For example, they may forget a recent conversation, misplace their keys, or have trouble following a recipe they've used for years. While it's normal for memory to decline with age, there is a difference between normal aging and dementia. 

If you notice your loved one is having more difficulty with their memory than usual, it may be time to talk to their doctor and get them home healthcare services.

5. The Doctor Recommends It

You've been noticing your elderly parent or grandparent is having difficulty keeping up with medication and nutrition. For example, they may forget to take their medications, or maybe they're not eating as well as they used to, see a doctor. The doctor will very likely recommend hiring home care services. 

Old age often comes with problems that may cause harm to your loved one, so it is advisable to get close care from a trained professional. Speak to home care services like Moonlight Home Health Care about proper and well-managed care for your aging loved ones.