How 24-Hour Live-In Home Care Benefits Your Elderly Relatives

Posted on: 21 October 2020


Everyone will grow old one day. Some people age but still retain their mental faculties. Others will need home health care 24 hours a day. Your elderly relatives may someday develop medical conditions that require 24-hour home health care live in services. Elderly persons who are homebound and lonely and who are suffering from mid-to-late dementia symptoms and other medical conditions do best when they have around-the-clock care in their homes. Assigned home health aide caregivers monitor safety, take care of their patients' needs, and become a companion and friend to your elderly relative.

How The 24-Hour Aide Shifts Work

You can choose one aide for each day, and that aide will work a full 16 hours for the day. Breaks will be allowed during this time period. The aide will then sleep in your loved one's home for 8 hours. The other choice is to have two aides offering care each day. Both of these caregivers will work a 12-hour shift. The evening caregiver will stay awake during the night in order to monitor your loved one's safety and health. It is often much better for their physical, mental, and emotional status when elderly people remain with proper care at home rather than moving them into unfamiliar institutions, which diminishes their quality of life experience.

All The Services Your Loved One Will Receive

Elderly clients will receive physical disability support if they suffer from conditions like arthritis that makes it difficult for them to take care of themselves. They will be supported with mobility, eating, grooming, and exercising functions as well. They also will be given medication reminders. Companionship services give your loved ones valuable attention. Aides will set a time wherein they help their patients engage in activities such as reading books, sitting down to chat, or other activities. They really get to know one another. Aides may even drive their clients to a nearby library to spend some time looking through magazines or they can borrow a book to take home.

Paying For Home Health 24-Hour Live-In Services

Elderly persons who are covered by Medicaid government program may be able to obtain 24-hour services with help from a social worker who will prepare all the necessary paperwork that covers the payment process for in-home health care. Your loved one can pay for their services by credit or debit card. Medicare pays for medical services in their homes but does not pay for non-medical care in the home. If your relative qualifies for veterans pension funds, pension benefits will pay for required in-home care services.

For more information about 24-hour live-in home care, talk to a healthcare provider in your area.