3 Signs it's Maybe Time to Consider Assisted Living

Posted on: 7 April 2017


As some people age, the indicators that assisted living might be the right choice for them can be apparent. For example, if you've recently fallen and you're no longer comfortable moving around your two-level home, you may wish to move into an assisted living facility—and your children may also be suggesting that you do so.

However, for other people, there might not be an overt sign that this move is necessary. As you age, it's worthwhile to consider your living arrangements and decide if you might prefer to move into an assisted living facility. Here are some signs that could compel you to make this move.

You're Lonely

If you've recently given up driving, you may feel some degree of loneliness of isolation living at home. Without driving, you may feel that it's a challenge to visit your friends and family, and you may begin to rely exclusively on people visiting you—which might be a challenge if you're hardly up to hosting gatherings anymore.

Additionally, if some of your friends have recently passed away, you may feel a shortage of peers. When you're facing these issues, assisted living can be the perfect choice for you. You won't have to deal with loneliness any longer, as you'll have a wide range of people with whom to make friends.

You Have a Disinterest in Cooking

As some people age, they lose their interest in cooking. Perhaps eating no longer brings you the excitement that it once did, or you're simply fed up with cooking the same meals that you've cooked for years, but you don't have the energy to try new recipes. Moving into an assisted living home can quickly address these concerns.

For each meal, you'll get a chance to savor different dishes, including those that might be new to you and help to restore your excitement about eating. And, you won't have to come up with meal ideas, shop for groceries, or cook yourself.

You Struggle With Home Maintenance

Maintaining a home can be a challenge for people as they age, and you may be finding that dusting and vacuuming now takes up more time that you'd like. Instead of struggling to complete these tasks or allow your home to reach a cleanliness standard that you don't like, it may be time to consider assisted living. One of the big perks about assisted living is that you no longer have the hassle of cleaning tasks, thanks to cleaners who will visit your unit regularly and ensure that it's kept neat and tidy.

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