5 Tips For Helping A Parent With Limited Mobility

Posted on: 7 March 2017


Whether it's due to a disease or injury, many elderly people deal with limited mobility. This can affect their quality of life and make them less independent. If you have a parent with mobility problems, there are many things you can do for him or her. Here are five helpful tips for helping a parent with limited mobility:

Make the Necessary Accommodations to Your Parent's Home

If your parent has to be in a wheelchair, it may be a good idea to make certain accommodations in the home. For example, you could install ramps at entrances and raise and widen the hallways. It may also be a good idea to install grab bars in the bathtub so that your parent doesn't fall.

Hire a Home Care Worker

If you do not have a lot of time to look after your parent, you may want to consider hiring a home care worker. This healthcare professional can come to your parent's home and help him or her with various tasks, such as cleaning, driving to the grocery store and cooking.

Choose the Right Assistive Devices

Certain assistive devices can make your parent's life so much easier. For instance, a walker or cane can help your parent get around the house and public places. If your parent has trouble getting out of bed, you may want to think about getting him or her transfer discs.

Consider Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is an effective way to regain balance and strength, which can improve mobility. If your parent sees a physical therapist regularly, he can improve his or her mobility over time and feel much better. A physical therapist may suggest for your parent to do a few exercises at home too.

Suggest a Support Group

It is quite normal for people with limited mobility to experience sadness and frustration at times. If your parent seems upset because of mobility issues, you may want to encourage him or her to join a support group. If your parent attends these support group meetings, he or she can be around other people with limited mobility and not feel so alone in the world anymore.

Dealing with a parent with limited mobility may not always be easy. However, if you continue to support your parent and be there every way you can, you can make the situation a little easier. Your parent will appreciate your efforts and kindness.